The Official Wife Test

What Your Home Says About You

Dudes, pay attention! What your residence, apartment, condo or RV looks like is an immediate indication of who you are. Sorry, but it is true. For instance my hubby.

While I met him, he’d a big condo by beach with totally stark black white couple walls. His stepmother had adorned his bachelor pad in top-quality furniture, but there are zero to no tchotchkes or accoutrements.

For my situation, one extremely enthusiastic about interior decoration, it was an excellent sign. It implied whenever I had been to snag this guy, however nearly i’d like to do the things I wished as much as dressing all of our residence. I was right.

A home filled with clutter.

I do not indicate merely standard email throughout the countertops and electric guitar picks in a cereal dish, but borderline hoarding. Certain, she’s going to know what she’s getting herself into.

If she doesn’t care about living like a nuclear bomb moved off, then I inspire the lady to keep internet dating you, you messy man. If she understands a panic attack will be the least of her fears with garments on to the floor and washing left into the dryer, then please inform this lady to go on.

Maybe this brand-new girl provides only came across your consultant — you know, ideal guy you place forward when meeting somebody brand new.

Are you becoming yourself? Could you be throwing your own filthy lingerie on the floor and making it there for three times? If that’s the case, and she actually is nevertheless sticking about, then you definitely’ve came across the match.

Or state you are an artsy carpenter that has decorated your home in mosaic tiles and custom made furnishings, but she values mass-produced furnishings from a string store. Good luck with that one.

All snarky sarcasm aside, exactly what your residence appears to be and how this new woman reacts to it is an immediate sign of so many more factors to come.

In the beginning, it’s simply a disagreement over a sofa. Then, its just how to prepare the marriage. Subsequently, it is more about son or daughter rearing. Seek out someone who accepts you individually — blemishes, poor wallpaper selections and all.